Launch of the Global Labour Resilience Index 2019 in Davos

Whiteshield launched the Global Labour Resilience Index 2019 edition in Davos in collaboration with Oxford University Saïd Business School, ManpowerGroup, HSBC, and the Institute for the Future of Work.

The report highlights the level of future unemployment risk countries face based on structural, policy and technological shifts. On top of the list, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States displayed the most resilient labour markets in the world according to the Global Labour Resilience Index 2019, which ranks 123 countries and economies on the resilience of their labour markets to technological disruption. The top three countries are followed by five Nordic countries in the top 10 – Denmark (4), Finland (5), Sweden (6), Iceland (7) and Norway (10). Luxembourg (8) and the Netherlands (9) are the other two countries in the top 10.

Egypt, Lebanon and Uganda are among the top 5 countries with the most tremendous resilience gap, which measures the difference between longer-term structural characteristics and shorter-term policies. Countries with the highest labour resilience gaps have the most potential to strengthen the resilience of their labour markets in the shorter term. Building on relatively attractive structural characteristics – economic diversification and young populations in particular – these countries can reap the greatest labour market resilience rewards through targeted policy reforms in areas such as education, labour, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology investment.





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