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The corporate world cannot currently operate without understanding the wider environments, the priorities of civil society and requirements of the regulator. Addressing those imperatives requires speaking a different language; a language that both the public sector and private sector can understand and align on. Such alignments mean that any corporation today must invest much more into its public sector strategy.

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How to map and address the fundamental drivers of a knowledge economy and productive

Supporting businesses with their public sector strategy means enabling them to speak the language of the public sector and align with the priorities of government.

Whiteshield can help companies looking to improve their public sector strategy by asking, and addressing, the following questions:

  1. How to put in place an Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) strategy?
  2. How to ensure the organization is impacting GDP productivity and the entire supply chain in having an impact on the economy?
  3. How to align with regulatory requirements, hard or soft, that are needed by central banks, governments or specific authorities, while keeping in mind the financial returns of the company?

These questions are being addressed by Whiteshield by looking at two aspects:

  1. Understanding what are the requirements of governments and civil societies, and how to translate them into actionable strategies for corporations.
  2. Analysing and understanding the economic and employment impact of any organization through socioeconomic impact analysis. Socioeconomic impact means looking at every aspect of an organisation, and understanding how it impacts the economy, employment, trade, and all indicators that typically matter to governments. This can include, for example, analysing the future of work in a company and looking at its linkages with the wider economy to make sure that the work being done is in sync with developments across the entire economy or at the global level. 

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