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The Risk Practice of Whiteshield is a unique offering for government and corporate leaders to navigate the complexity of the current world. This is achieved through tailored economic, social and geopolitical briefings and intelligence leveraging our unique set of algorithms and economic analysis. The Risk Practice is based on the Global Risk Navigator© which allows our clients to interactively manage the global risks of the company and develop and implement risk mitigation strategies.

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The Whiteshield Risk Practice allows our clients to understand dynamics, both in the leadership of the countries and within key publicly and privately owned entities in the country, the level of the risk across the globe and product opportunities. A new look at the “state of the game” may be required to protect client operations and interests, and even expand business operations. Such a perspective integrates both the wider context, but also shorter-term imperative. The Risk Practice allows us to address the following questions: 

1. What is the new political, social, and economic landscape in the countries across the globe? What are the related changing dynamics in the leadership of the countries? Who are the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’? 

2. What is the level of the risk in the country in terms of the economy, health, policy and regulations, geopolitics, climate and cybersecurity? What amount of client’s revenue is at risk?  

3. How might the new landscape and stakeholder dynamics impact client operations, in both the short- and long-term? How should clients best anticipate those fundamental trends and align their interests?

4. Which strategies and tactics should clients adopt? What are the options?

The Whiteshield Risk Practice proposes two fundamental building blocks to answer the questions above:

Risk tools: 

  • Full risk profiles of clients’ major products based on the Whiteshield Systems Risk Assessment© methodology. Whiteshield updates the assessment of the overall risk profile of the client based on individual products and their interactions. This process includes revised mapping of the full product mix by the client’s location, developing a quantitative systems analysis of the products, and developing product risk cards for each product. Whiteshield provides country risk assessments detailing stakeholder mapping, revenue risk profiles and product opportunities for each country where the client operates.
  • The Global Risk Navigator© Dashboard, which provides clients with efficient access and overview of risk profiles of all global countries of operation. The key components of the Global Risk Navigator© Dashboard include (1) Detailed stakeholder maps; (2) A country risk index with specific descriptions of each risk category; (3) Client revenue at risk by pillars of the risk index; (4) Client product opportunities. The Dashboard is constantly updated to provide in-depth risk profiles of each country, in addition to current revenue risk and interactive stakeholder mapping.

Decision support

  • White Papers: Comprehensive assessments including full country geopolitical, economic, and stakeholder analyses linked to implications for companies, with strategic directions proposed. For each country, the assessment includes: 1) mapping of the new political, social, and economic landscape that may impact the perception and operations of client, and 2) the implications for client, possible options, and a recommended advocacy strategy.
  • Decision Support Briefing: Structured analysis with recommendations based on a specific problem the client faces. Examples include country regulatory due diligence, socioeconomic impact to support analysis and advocacy, market entry support and others.
  • Pre-Mission Briefings: Short risk profiles that provide overviews on specific countries, including the risk profile and overview, analysis of the situation, stakeholder overview, and insights for client executives.

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