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Entering New Countries

How to enter new countries while managing government expectations? How to navigate the policy, regulatory, market and compliance requirements while optimize returns? Which specific opportunities, which risks, which returns? Whiteshield has accumulated over the years a significant stock of experience and knowledge in how to enter new markets while aligning with government imperatives. From retail to manufacturing and telecom, we are specialized in complex market entry strategies and executions, help with practical local support.

Remy Gaspard


Partner & Director



Managing Partner



Partner & Director


Our approach aims at addressing the following questions:

  • What are the overall economics of a country, growth and employment imperatives and sector regulations?
  • Which partners, which players and which intangible eco-system in the relevant sector targetted?
  • How to ensure decisions are made on the basis of sound data in a data scares environment? 
  • Which scenarios and options to consider based on deep business analysis and overall country assessment? 
  • Which road-map for action?

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