At Whiteshield we are committed to the highest quality standards and values of trust and integrity. We offer three recruitment tracks including full-time opportunities and professional training programmes which are designed to support and empower you through your career. We are dedicated to growing our network of Global Consultants and are open 24/7 to applications across all three recruitment tracks for exceptional talent.

Our recruitment tracks

General Track

We recruit strategy, economist and public policy professionals, including former economists from international organisations, strategy consultants or private equity analysts.


Young Policy Leader Programme Track

We offer 3 to 12 month professional training programmes to students currently enrolled in top global universities and authorized seconded civil servants.


Expert track

We work with a network of highly experienced economists, public policy experts and former senior policy makers who are leaders in their respective fields.


The General Track

For Public Policy and Economics Professionals, Strategy Policy Advisors and Private Equity Analysts. Depending on your experience demonstrated and capabilities assessed through our recruitment process, the following roles are available:


  • Young Policy Leader Programme

To further develop Public Policy knowledge and capabilities we offer 3 – 12 month professional training programmes for students who are yet to complete their studies as well as authorized seconded civil servants. Our Young Policy Leaders (YPL) track is particularly fitting for students wishing to pursue an enriching 3 months+ experience during the course of their studies. Taking part in our YPL programme will help to you to further develop your Public Policy knowledge and capabilities. Young Policy Leaders will be immersed in key projects and have the chance to work alongside and learn from our global network. You can be placed as an Associate/Economist or Senior Associate/ Senior Economist.

  • Associate/Economist

As an Associate / Economist you are tasked to solve complex economic problems and work end-to-end from the diagnostic phase to implementation. You are exposed to policy makers and policy reforms, receive training on public policy topics and work alongside our economists and policy advisors.

  • Senior Associate/Senior Economist

As a Senior Associate/Senior Economist you work on a range of strategy and public policy issues in direct contact with our clients, lead project modules and work both autonomously and within teams. You are expected to support, train, and guide our Associate / Economist population. You will strengthen your project management skills and be prepared to take on further client and team management tasks.


  • Policy Advisor

As a Policy Advisor you are responsible for the timely delivery of our projects or large modules of complex cross industry or cross-country projects. You work alongside our clients to solve their biggest challenges and will be directly involved in reaching valuable solutions with long-lasting impact. Reaching this level means you have acquired the foundations of public policy and economics.

  • Manager

As a Manager you lead projects from start to finish, working with top clients and consultants, driving team performance, and ensuring client satisfaction. As a public policy expert, you are key to developing the firm’s expertise by coaching and training our Associates and Senior Associates.

  • Principal

As a Principal you are responsible for leading client engagements, contributing to the firm’s continuous innovation, and improving overall team skills. Principals also extend the firm’s client portfolio, identifying and developing new client opportunities.


  • Partner

As a Partner you are responsible for leading the firm and guiding its future developments. You deliver portfolios of projects and are responsible for multiple clients and Whiteshield project teams. Partners typically lead specific practices within Whiteshield, and participate actively in internal operations, such as recruitment and training. Finally, Partners contribute externally to Whiteshield insights with professionals and the press.

Young Policy Leader Programme

We offer 3 to 12-month professional training programmes to students currently enrolled in top global universities and authorized seconded civil servants.

Our Young Policy Leaders (YPL) track is particularly fitting for students wishing to pursue an enriching three months+ experience during their studies.

Participating in our YPL program will help you further develop your Public Policy knowledge and capabilities. Young Policy Leaders will be immersed in key projects and have the chance to work alongside and learn from our global network. You can be placed as a YPL Associate/Economist or Senior Associate/Senior Economist.

The Expert Track

A global network of Public Policy Experts, Economists, and former Senior Policy Makers

Associate Directors

Global thought leaders that provide in-depth policy or functional expertise to our clients

Subject Matter Experts

Provide deep expert support to our project teams on specific topics.

Recruitment Process

A variety of assessments

We strive to attract exceptional talent from all around the world with the capabilities to deliver excellence for our clients, pushing the boundaries through innovative insights and effective public policy solutions. Our recruitment process is supported by a variety of assessments which are adapted as appropriate to cater for the breadth of profiles needed to optimize performance.

Experience, capabilities, passion

Our Recruitment process is designed to assess your experience and capabilities. Through a variety of assessments and as appropriate we evaluate several different competencies. Above all, we look for candidates that have a passion for what we do: nurturing innovation and impacting economic development.

Main evaluated competencies

  • Analytical Capabilities
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Ability to Perform Under Pressure
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Passion for Public Policy
  • Resilience & Flexibility
  • Drive & Independence

Stage 1: Pre-Interview Digital Assessment

Our recruitment process begins with online assessments. You will be asked to respond to various types of questions across three stages:

  • Aptitude test: You will automatically receive an invitation to complete our first online analytical assessment. It includes numerical and verbal comprehension, as well as abstract reasoning.
  • Workplace personality test: After the analytical tasks, you will complete a workplace personality test. There are no right or wrong answers; we simply want to get to know you and your work style.
  • Video Interview: Once you complete the first two assessments, you will receive an invitation to a one-way video interview. During this interview, we will evaluate your fit for the role, communication skills, and ability to interpret data.

You should plan to spend approximately 40 minutes on the tests and 20 minutes on the video interview. Please make sure to find a quiet spot with good internet access. Once you start the assessment, you will not be able to retake it.

Stage 2: Case Interview with a Consultant (x3)

Up to two 30 – 45 minute interviews where you will meet a new Policy Advisor on each call. This is an opportunity for us to understand more about your experience and assess your ability to respond in the moment to a public policy or strategy related case. We will be focusing on your analytical capabilities, creativity, and agility as you respond to the case questions. It is important throughout this interview to:

  • Clearly structure your ideas, define the problem, the approach, and your assumptions
  • Ask any questions you may have to clarify specific points
  • Demonstrate clear reasoning
  • Engage in the dialogue

Stage 3: Interview Assessment with a Partner (x2)

Up to three 30-minute interviews where you will be assessed by our Partners. This is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into understanding your experience and capabilities, specifically assessing problem solving, strategic thinking and quantitative skills.

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact our Recruitment team directly, who will be more than happy to support you.

What we look for

Preferred Skills & Capabilities

  • Passion for Economic Development and Public Policy
  • Analytical Capabilities
  • Outstanding Quantitative and Qualitative Skills
  • Problem-Solving – Ability to detect issues and investigate ways to resolve them.
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strong Oral and Written communication
  • Area Expertise
  • Critical Thinking
  • Ability to Perform Under Pressure
  • Stakeholder Management – Including, influencing and negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Excellent PowerPoint & Presentation Skills

Preferred Background and Experience

  • Degree in Management / Economics /Public Policy / International Relations, International Business/ Strategy / Mathematics/ Development Studies / Business Administration (Preferred).
  • 2-3 years of experience in Consulting Firm or a Business-Related Environment (Preferred)
  • As part of the application process, please list your final or most recent Grade Point Average (GPA) using the tables as a guide. You should list your GPA based on the country in which you completed or are completing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. If that country is not listed, please make a reasonable and conservative estimate of your GPA.

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to Equal Opportunities

At Whiteshield we are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment regardless of individual characteristics. We recognize that our employees feel appreciated when their thoughts and values are respected and considered. We’re committed to maintaining and driving an inclusive culture and workplace where everyone’s talents are nurtured, and all feel empowered to contribute.

Celebrating Achievements

At Whiteshield, we seek to reward those who demonstrate exceptional individual achievements above and beyond expectations in the pursuit of continuously seeking excellence for our clients. When individuals excel, we demonstrate our appreciation and celebrate achievements by generously recognizing and supporting the career progression of those who make unique contributions to the firm.

Empowering Our People

At Whiteshield we recognize that our employees are the core to our success and believe that when our exceptional talent comes together, and wellbeing is a priority – innovation thrives. We are dedicated to promoting and encouraging a healthy work-life balance and as a result adopt a truly flexible working model to empower our employees to pursue a balance that suits their personal needs.

Some of the benefits you can look forward to include

Employee Wellbeing

At Whiteshield the emotional and physical wellbeing of our employees is forefront of mind – we want our employees to feel supported and empowered to put their wellbeing first.

Employee Leave

To support a sustainable and fulfilling work-life balance we ensure our employees have the time off that they need to focus on what matters most for them.

Family Care

Family is important to us at Whiteshield and as a result we have various options available within our work-life balance program to give you the time away from work that you need.

A wealth of Learning & Development Opportunities

We recognize and value everyone’s desire for professional and personal growth and therefore offer a variety of opportunities to support individual development and career aspirations. We are dedicated to building breadth of experience across the public and private sector through a variety of projects to optimize performance and agility and at the same time are committed to supporting the development of specific expertise.

Workplace Flexibility

Commitment to deliver excellence for our clients is recognised at Whiteshield and we match this through our commitment to recognize what’s best for our employees. Our objective is to create a flexible work environment where we respond at pace to client demands while also giving our employees full control and trust to manage their time in a way that suits them.

Work-Load Management

We focus on high value missions, prioritising what matters most to our clients.

Team Building

As a Whiteshield Community, we enjoy celebrating birthdays, welcoming new joiners, recognizing important milestones and celebrating our cultural differences through exciting experiences and global events.

Whiteshielders’ Testimonials

Whiteshield is the incredible level of empowerment that the company gives to its people: externally, by granting great levels of responsibilities from day one, and internally, by allowing everyone in the firm to have a say in the company’s future.


At Whiteshield, in my opinion, team is the greatest asset we have. I learn a lot from my colleagues. Everyone is an expert in his/her field, and I enjoy everyday interactions with our global team with various cultural and academic backgrounds.


My journey with Whiteshield has shaped my way of thinking and grew me professionally. Whiteshield’s continuous education and training support gave me the invaluable chance of pursuing further education in public policy, which equipped me with the necessary tools to help me excel in my job.


Whiteshield stands out compared to other consultancies due to the unique nature of the work we do. The public policy focus of Whiteshield means that every project has the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of citizens across the globe. The company has grown substantially in recent years and yet the collegiate atmosphere remains.


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