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Anticipating Your Future

Speculating about the future is easy but having numerically meaningful future scenarios allows our clients to be prepared. We use computational modeling, to simulate ‘what if’ scenarios. For example, the Future of Country Navigator is a simulation, where every single person and company of a country is represented as a virtual agent. The virtual agent’s daily activity – trade, work, production… – is simulated. This allows us to simulate shocks. For example, what happens if a tsunami destroys the firm’s plant or covid makes the people change their consumption patterns. These insights in turn allow you to be prepared.

Dr Davoud Taghawi-Nejad


Elena Balter


Tom Flynn




How Whiteshield can help

Whiteshield can help organizations to understand their competitive and stakeholder environment through computer-aided modeling. With these models, we can help your organisation to:

  • Find the best response to a challenge, through a simulation of different responses
  • Prepare for future events through the simulation of different scenarios
  • Encode your organizational knowledge into our models

For this purpose we employ a host of different modeling techniques:

  • Agent-Based Modeling 
  • Macro and microeconomic modeling 
  • Microsimulation 
  • System Dynamics 
  • Economic estimation
  • Machine Learning and AI modeling 

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