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A deep understanding of GDP, Balance of Payments, and in general public accounts, is a fundamental backbone for the development of any public policies.



Radoslaw Socha

Radoslaw SOCHA

Whiteshield specialises in all types of public accounts at the supernational, national, and city level and how they interrelate with different policies that may affect citizens. These include but are not limited to:

  1. GDP
  2. Balance of Payments
  3. Trade in Services
  4. Trade in Goods
    But also city level accounts and how to link company level profit & loss and balance sheets with national level proprietary accounts.

Some key questions we address:

  • How to effectively collect public sector statistics?
  • How to measure complex metrics like Trade in Services?
  • Which indicators best help measure and track public performance and project impacts?
  • Which technique to select and governance model to follow-up on results?
  • How to link nations, regional and city level indicators?
  • Which survey techniques to implement to ensure higher return?

Whiteshield uses three methodologies to address public accounts:

  1. Traditional statistics training that we provide to policy makers and institutions covering all types of public accounts. Examples of public account types include trade, education, investments, and finance, in addition to traditional public accounts needed at a national level such as Balance of Payments or GDP.
  2. Advanced modelling techniques that allow to link up company level data to macrolevel data, thus helping to profile and to adapt specific policies to specific regions.
  3. Whole-of-country models that help to reflect the impact of policies on public accounts – be it GDP or GRP at a city level, or specific services or goods – and what is the impact of policies on those proprietary accounts. Such models help to better calibrate policies and to understand their impact on public accounts on an annual basis with a potential forecast of up to 20 years.

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