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Economic & Social Trends

Whiteshield supports our clients in identifying key dynamics in the economic, social and political landscape of the countries. Our analysis covers and connects the key trends of how the developments and changes of the economy shifts the aspirations in the society.

Altynay Arapova


The dynamics and changes in the economy affect the wellbeing and social movements in the country. Social movements in turn can affect the political landscape.

  • What type of fundamental economic and social trends are to be considered 
  • How social trends affect the political landscape in the country 
  • Ways to ensure the public sector support is effective and avoid typical pitfalls  
  • Whiteshield can help find policies are trending up and down

Whiteshield can support policy makers to address social and economic challenges with three phases: 

  • Phase 1: Diagnostics and assessment of the current economic, social and political landscape 
  • Phase 2: Options and Roadmap, including options to address the most pressing social issue, while balancing the pressure on the economy 
  • Phase 3: detailed assessment, including development of the detailed portfolio of public policies and initiatives, identification of the key stakeholders, development of the communication and change management strategy, and implementation support

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