GLRI 2019 Case studies to foster workforce resilience

The Global Labour Resilience Index (GLRI) 2019 ranks over 120 countries on their ability to foster resilient labour markets. Developed by Whiteshield, the report also aims to identify key areas of intervention to help prepare citizens and employees for the future of work.

Five types of action are considered to strengthen labour market resilience:

  • Streamline – Redefine roles and skills according to a simple and coherent nomenclature oriented towards the future.
  • Build – Strengthen or develop new capabilities through training and partnerships. Target lifelong learning.
  • Bridge – Combine capabilities between public, private and voluntary sector actors to access capabilities not available internally and build shared value.
  • Stretch – Leverage most valuable capabilities towards new service offerings. Enrich capabilities by working with the most demanding clients, diffusing learning within the organization.
  • Map – Monitor the capabilities of employees and companies relative to evolving market requirements and gaps that need to be filled.





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