Whiteshield announces publication of ‘Quantum Governance’ book

A book pioneering citizen-centric global progress and rewiring the foundation of public policy

London | Dubai, 5 July, 2023 – Whiteshield, a global public policy and strategy advisory firm, has announced its publication ‘Quantum Governance’ at a live stream soft launch event that took place yesterday in London and attracted a wide range of policymakers, academics, and industry professionals.

Co-authored by Fadi Farra, Managing Partner of Whiteshield, and Sir Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize winner in Economics and Director at Whiteshield, the thought-provoking book seeks to emphasise the crucial importance of developing a comprehensive, citizen-centric framework for global progress that holistically addresses the needs and well-being of individuals.
In this evocative publication, Whiteshield calls upon policymakers, scholars, and the general public alike to collectively redefine the parameters of development and progress by fostering a profound awareness of the interplay between governance, personal goals, aspirations, and societal well-being. The book challenges the conventional notions of governance, propelling governments to usher into a new era of citizen-centric public policy.

Commenting on the book, Fadi Farra, Founder and Managing Partner of Whiteshield said: “We are pleased to reveal this insightful book that promotes new pathways to paradigm shift in public policy by outlining a citizen-centric approach to development that goes beyond the limitations of economic growth.”
“Current practices and approaches in development and public policy often focus more on demographics than individuals and their transformative power and crucial role in shaping and advancing societies especially in the digitalisation era. Our book defines the public policy gap, introduces solutions, and showcases the quantum governance framework use in real-world public policy settings.”, he added.

Sir Christopher Pissarides, Whiteshield Special Advisor & Director, added: “Through ‘Quantum Governance’, we aim to drive a transformative shift in public policymaking. We present a comprehensive framework that encourages a holistic perspective transcending the limitations of financial metrics. Drawing inspiration from quantum theory, our book raises awareness among policymakers, scholars, and citizens of the intricate interplay between governance, individual aspirations, and societal well-being, which would foster a deeper comprehension of the fundamental development drivers.”

Whiteshield is publishing its Quantum Governance book with Emerald Publishing, one of the world’s leading digital-first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference. Online pre-order is currently open, and the publication date is scheduled for September 2023.



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