Whiteshield Webinar: Quantum Governance: A 21st century approach to enhance citizen lives

 Whiteshield hosted a global webinar during the World Government Summit on February 14th, discussing a new era of citizen-centric policies outlined in the recently launched book Quantum Governance. The digital age has taught businesses to see people as individuals rather than just as members of certain demographic cohorts. We receive personalised ads on social media based on our responses to previous ads, our current location, and our shopping habits. Our massive digital footprint enables companies to know precisely how effective their advertising campaigns are at the individual level and to derive immense value from this knowledge. Alas, it seems that this technological wave has yet to reach policymakers. Despite the advantages of big data, governments still tend to use a one-size-fits-all approach when planning investments or designing policies. To help improve public services through better use of data and move policy-making from 1-2-many to 1-2-1, we have developed a new framework and book we call Quantum Governance. 

This event was live-streamed via Zoom, with Fadi Farra, Managing Partner of Whiteshield and Amira Bensebaa, Associate Partner at Whiteshield, serving as panel speakers and Dr Raed Safadi as the event moderator. Additionally, a pre-recorded video was featured by Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Sir Christopher Pissarides, emphasizing the importance of the book.

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