Whiteshield supports UM education project in Sierra Leone

To build a community of practice of healthcare experts who can develop innovative educational courses in Sierra Leone. That is the aim of the SHE project, which is part of the Annual Fund Campaign of the University Fund Limburg. By means of a generous donation from Whiteshield, the projects’ ambitions can be realised.

Whiteshield is a global advisory firm on behalf of continuous policy innovation to support governments, international organisations and corporations. Alongside its core business, Whiteshield aims to contribute to important societal projects. The education project to train healthcare workers in Sierra Leone matched perfectly with their societal ambitions.

SHE Collaborates of Maastricht University and University Fund Limburg thanked Whiteshield for their substantial contribution. With this support, the desired fundraising amount was reached. Researchers can now execute and sustain this innovative health project in Sierra Leone. More information about the project and campaign can be found here.

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