Environment, Sustainability & Governance in action

Focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards has rapidly increased in recent years, driven both by compliance requirements and a growing awareness that it can provide a competitive advantage. The “ESG race” is spreading fast, and it will shortly involve all markets globally, due to evolving regulations led by the European Union, financial analyst requirements aligning with the benchmark EU regulations, and investor expectations.

How can we benefit from it?

Organizations able to integrate ESG into their corporate DNA are increasingly poised to enjoy a lasting competitive advantage and a stronger economic performance overall. Those unwilling or unable to do so will face an increasingly hostile international business and investment environment. ESG is an opportunity that paves the way toward new and lucrative business opportunities. ESG is here to stay and should be addressed strategically and with the intention to make clear choices about the journey from compliance to commercial proactiveness in the most favourable way possible for your company.

Although ESG has become mainstream, its impacts on finance, other business sectors, and citizens will fully materialise only over time. Regulators will continue contributing more frameworks and regulations to ensure a smooth transition into the ESG ecosystem, companies will continue developing more ESG-based business opportunities, and communities can expect more environmental oriented products and services, healthier impacts on business, fairer treatment of stakeholders, and ultimately a more sustainable future for the society.

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