3d Laser Scanning

High Definition Laser Scanning

High Definition Laser Scanning (HDLS) enables White Shield survey and mapping experts to capture and model critical field data on mapping projects of any size. Our scanners use laser measurement technology to collect large amounts of highly detailed, survey quality data, quickly, efficiently and safely. Three-dimensional HDLS record very precise and accurate surface data of objects in a non-destructive manner.
Based on LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, these instruments use infrared light to calculate and record the distance to any object. Several types of HDS exist to digitize objects of various sizes. Measurement targets can range from small diagnostic artifacts to large, complex architectural sites.
These instruments can collect a large volume of surface data quickly to create a highly accurate 3D digital model.

3D models based on field data can be as basic or highly detailed as needed. We can scale data collection and modeling to meet the needs of your project. We can also harvest additional data from the original scan, if your project requirements change.

3D models create a dimensionally accurate design tool, which can support a number of applications. These uses include:

  • As-built surveys for retrofitting
  • Documentation of historical structures for preservation
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Refinery mapping
  • Topographic base maps for engineering design
  • View corridor analysis

HDLS deliver several key advantages to your project. They include:

  • 3D data capture of all visible features
  • Fast, accurate, safe, complete, remote data collection
  • Full-color panoramic outputs
  • Compatibility with a variety of software for convenient viewing of Raw Point Clouds
  • CAD data exports in 2D and 3D CAD formats
  • Simplified data analysis for complex tasks (i.e. volume calculations or clash detection)
  • Five (5) mega pixel, full dome, still photography
  • Integrated real time streaming video with zoom

High-Definition Scanning offers many benefits to the measurement professional and end-users of this accurate spatial information. Civil engineers, plant designers, CAD professionals, architects, contractors, forensic investigators, archaeologists, and owner/operators will all reap the added-value benefits that HDS provides. White Shield’s HDS systems provide significant cost savings by:

  • Delivering high-quality survey grade data over a broader area
  • Reducing costly return site visits to obtain additional or missing data.
  • Creating highly accurate and complete as-builts for retrofit design projects
  • Providing designers with accurate data to factory fabricate dimensionally correct components Reducing or eliminating the need for additional field fitting.
  • Reducing downtime through rapid unobtrusive data acquisition and scene capture
  • Providing highly detailed, precise models of complicated environments
  • Enhancing worker safety by minimizing or eliminating intrusion into hazardous areas
  • Cutting traffic control budgets by up to 100% in many cases
  • Identifying design variances in the construction of complex, exacting facilities

If you would like more information about high-definiton laser scanning, please call us at (888) 882-1142 to discuss your laser data collection needs.

Video Demos

High Definition Scanning Video Demonstrations of White Shield Scanning Services

Advantages of Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning offers improved safety, efficiency, volume of data, accuracy, enhanced visual impact, fly-through and transitional video deliverables, virtual surveys, and 3D modeling.

B Reactor Scan - Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Scanning offers the ability to preserve cultural history by creating a virtual record of as-is conditions, and developing baseline models. Scanning can be also be used to develop monitoring and deviation maps to identify changes in a project site.

Laser Scanning for Road & Highway Surveys

360-degree scans are able to capture the road surface and all surrounding features. 3D models can be generated to develop models for underground utilities and other features. The volume of data gathered eliminates the need for return trips to the project site as project needs change.

Laser Scanning for Tunnel Construction

Scanning can collect millions of measured points in a matter of minutes. Many measurements can be made directly from the point cloud, such as area, volumes, clearances, and fits. 3D models can be produced for tunnel cylinders and shafts using photo-realistic texture maps.

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