White Shield, Inc Structural Scanning Applications Chief Sealth High School, Seattle, Washington;

The data captured in a single site visit remains available for future use as needs arise. The information below was extracted from the initial raw data scanned on the Chief Sealth project.The examples shown below depict the modeling progression from raw scan data to a modeled object for export and use in a variety of Engineering and BIM software formats. The resulting data is a highly precise as-built model that can be used to design building structural upgrades and modifications.


The raw data scan cloud shown here contains all data points surveyed for the floor flatness verification survey. Information data on the structural steel was not necessary for the flatness survey but is still available for use at a later time. The steel connections shown are measured to an accuracy of less than one hundredth of a foot.

Accurate structural components are modeled using real data from the scanned survey points.

The modeled structural components are extracted for import into the design, BIM or modeling software platform of the designers’ choice.