White Shield, Inc As-Built Drawing of ETF Evaporator Heater High Definition Scanning and 3D Model, Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Located at the 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) on Hanford Nuclear Reservation Washington was Evaporator Heater 601-E-01, which had been treating 150 gallons of wastewater a minute for over 30 years. CH2MHill secured the scanning services of WSI to create an as built of the evaporator heater to aid in the manufacture of its replacement. Using the LEICA P20 scanner, a Phase-Shift and Time-of-Flight based 3D scanner, WSI created a three dimensional drawing of the ETF Evaporator Heater as an electronic file in AutoCAD Civil 3Dformat.

The final deliverable was 2D sheet layout used to check and verify dimensions in the horizontal plane. The drawing showed the heater with associated nozzles, flanges and supporting legs, including anchor points. Critical dimensions, accurate to within a 1/16th of an inch, were provided and appropriately scaled so that distances between any two points on the heater could be ascertained. Orientation of the nozzle flange bolt holes, with respect to the heater’s north-south centerline, was obtained.