Touchet/Tucannon River Drainage Aerial Mapping; Columbia, Garfield, and Walla Walla Counties, WA

Watershed Sciences for the City of Dayton and the Columbia Conservation District

A consortium of the City of Dayton, Columbia Conservation District, Columbia County, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board was seeking solutions to chronic flood problems that are occurring with increasing frequency in both watersheds.  White Shield provided aerial mapping control to support Watershed Sciences and the City with the development of a LiDAR database, digital elevation model (DEM), and high resolution topographical maps for a 40-mile reach of the Touchet River floodplain and a 40-mile river reach on the Tucannon River.  Ground cover over most of the reach was comprised of riparian deciduous trees of variable widths from the river channel (0-300 ft).  Coniferous trees became prevalent in the upper ends of all the tributaries.  The two drainages were in close proximity to each other being separated by only 10 to 15 miles. The developed data sets were needed to understand and address changes in river function in both drainages.  White Shield surveyors provided independent collection of ground check points for QA/QC checks of the LiDAR-derived ground model.  White Shield also certified the positional coordinates of all ground control monuments selected by Watershed Sciences.  The number of monuments totaled eight sites – two in the Touchet River acquisition area, four in the Tucannon River acquisition area, and two in the Eckler Mountain acquisition area.

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