Touchet River Cross-Sections, Dayton, WA

GeoEngineers for the City of Dayton

White Shield provided surveying services to support Geo Engineers in conducting an alternatives analysis to assist the City with selection of a preferred restoration alternative for an approximately 2 mile segment of the Touchet River, located upstream of the City of Dayton, Washington. The alternatives analysis incorporated results of recent basin and reach-scale geomorphic assessments (described below), reach-scale hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and alternative selection criteria important to local stakeholders (City, Columbia County Levee Round Table Committee and Snake River Salmon Recovery Board local Regional Technical Team). The goal of the assessments and identification of conceptual designs are to support current and future efforts to improve fish habitat, reduce flood risk, and recertify the levees under FEMA and Army Corps programs. White Shield surveyors provided 24 river cross-sections near the City of Dayton.  General cross-section limits extended from ±2 meters above the edge of water, and across the river to a point ±2 meters above the edge of water.  Deliverables included ASCII files of all collected points (P, N, E, Z, D format), and AutoCAD 2011 drawing files with cross-sections plotted as 3D polylines.

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