Topographic Surveys for Boundary Native Salmonid Conservation Facility, near Usk, WA

White Shield provided topographic surveying and boundary mapping of the Usk Hatchery property, a 40 acre parcel, to identify site infrastructure and utiliites, topography, roads, trees, Skookum creek intake, bathymetry for Spring pond and natural springs, well locations, and a bat house. Seattle City Light proposes the construction and operation of a fish propagation facility for the production of native salmonids to outplant into tributaries draining into Boundary Reservoir. The facility is designed to produce eyed eggs, fry, and fingerlings and support multiple age class broodstock. Topographic survey was used to determine naturalized channels and holding ponds as potential locations for the hatchery design. Deliverables were provided on Civil 3D 2013 format. Survey deliverables conformed to Seattle City Light codes and drawing standards.