Tacoma Avenue South Bridge, Tacoma, WA


TranTech Engineering, LLC for the City of Tacoma

White Shield is supporting TranTech Engineering and the City of Tacoma with survey services for the redesign of the Tacoma Avenue South Bridge (Bridge No. S15), constructed in 1930. Due to localized heavy corrosion on the steel elements of this bridge, it is currently posted for reduced loads, with two of the four traffic lanes and both sidewalks closed to any traffic mode. White Shield is providing a full topographic mapping survey and ROW survey tied to WSDOT and City of Tacoma horizontal and vertical control datum. Existing ROW limits are being defined by field ties to centerline monumentation, along with ROW maps furnished by the City of Tacoma and WSDOT. The project extends as measured along the centerline ROWs 100 feet longitudinally from all centerline intersections and transversely across the full ROW width for Delin Street, Tacoma Avenue South, and Center Street/Jefferson Avenue. A topographic survey is also being provided for the existing bridge deck, sidewalks, abutments, and all surface features. The project is using a combination of Robotic Total Stations, GPS, and 3D Laser Scanning equipment. QA reviews are being performed at the completion of the horizontal and vertical control survey, topographic survey, and basemap preparation. Deliverables include 2010 AutoCAD Civil 3D electronic files of the engineering basemap using the City of Tacoma CADD standard, Land XML files, and CSV point files.