Stevens Village Access Aerial Mapping, Stevens Village, AK


Federal Highway Administration – Western Federal Lands Highway Division

White Shield provided aerial mapping services for the Stevens Village road project area located in the State of Alaska approximately 100 miles northwest of the City of Fairbanks. Specifically, the service involved the acquisition of color orthophotography of the project area beginning on the Dalton Highway near the area known as Five Mile Camp, then following a new alignment in a northeasterly direction for approximately 26 miles, and ending north of the old airport in Stevens Village. Survey coverage for the
orthophotography was for a minimum width of 1,000 feet centered on the alignment. Photo scales were 1” = 850’ and accurate to plus or minus 2’ vertical accuracy for the eight flight lines shown in red. Photo scales were 1” = 1,500’ and accurate to plus or minus 5’ vertical accuracy for the two flight lines shown in blue.

Deliverables included three sets of color contact prints showing the control points, or the points used for aerotriangulation. Digital color orthophoto pairs were produced for all flight lines having a pixel size of 0.5 foot and scanned at a resolution of 12 microns for use in digital mapping of terrain. Photos contained all edge information including fiducial points, and the files were delivered in TIFF format. Also provided were a MrSID photo mosaic; a 3-D DGN file showing breaklines, random points and
planimetrics at correct elevations; and an ASCII file showing point numbers, northings, eastings,
elevations, and descriptors.