Stehekin River

This project included 37 cross sections of the Stehekin River at regular intervals specified by the client, upriver of the mouth of the Stehekin River at Chelan Lake, near Stehekin Washington. The contract was performed in two parts, for Jones & Jones Architecture, and for Chelan County Natural Resource Department.  The survey will measure 37 cross sections at right angles to the river channel to the nearest 1/10 ft (vertical). Location of 2007 phase cross sections was provided to White Shield by the National Park Service, with flagging marked along the roadway at specific locations. Additional cross section locations for 2008 phase were also provided, marked with flagging but also coordinate data from a GIS that was held instead of flag locations when they differed.

The limits of the cross-sections were exposed river bank to exposed river bank of each open water channel along each cross section plus 100 feet of upland on each side of each channel (LiDAR to capture the remaining portions of each cross section). Four cross sections were extended to capture more of the flood plain, and used to tie the LiDAR data to the ground survey.  Measurements points along each cross section were taken at least every 25 ft. under water and at least every 50 ft on the floodplain.  Cross section survey points include all grade breaks, including the toe and top of the bank, the edge of water, the high point on gravel bars, and at other recognizable features (e.g. edge and centerline of roads, cabins, etc).