South Lake High School;

Commercial Structures for Seattle School District

White Shield provided Commercial Structures with constructionstaking and survey services for an alternative public school in the Seattle School District that is home to 136 students from grades 9 through 12. WSI verified the existence of property corners and compared field locations to the existing Plat of Survey, and established a network of survey control points and 3 benchmarks near the construction site. The firm also set Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control (TESC) facilities by staking clearing limits at intervals of approximately 75-feet and staking detention ponds and the centerline of swales. Additionally, staking was provided for mass grading which encompassed the location and elevation of the building pad and the parking areas, resulting in a sub-graded site. WSI also staked the curb and sidewalk alignment every 50 feet on straights with grade, and every 25 feet on curves. All storm and sanitary structures were staked, including cleanouts for sewer. With regard to waterlines, WSI stated all horizontal changes in direction, tees, water valves, manholes and hydrant locations, and staked columns and grid lines on an offset. WSI was also responsible for staking the center of light poles and electrical vaults. Finally, WSI staked the perimeter of the Plaza, which was established around the entire building, with all radius points, and provided cut-fill to finished grade elevation.