Road 68 and Burden Road Improvements (2015-2016)


White Shield Inc is providing topographic mapping of Road 68 & I-184 interchange north ramps up to Burden Road, and Burden Road to Convention Place. WSI is utilizing conventional (total station and GPS) and high definition scanning methods using 3D Laser Scanning with a Leica C10 for data collection. Topography includes breaklines of linear features including but not limited to edge of pavement, flow line of curb, top face and back of curb, centerline, lane lines, ditch bottoms and tops. All surface utility features within the project limits such as type of utility (for example gas, electric, fiber optic) and what the feature is (such as j-box, electrical vault, sewer manhole, storm sewer manhole). Manholes include invert elevation of the pipes entering and leaving the manhole. WSI is preparing right of way plans and legal descriptions per WSDOT standards. The horizontal datum will be NAD83(2011) Washington State Plane Coordinate system South Zone, US-Feet. Vertical datum will be NADVD88 (GEOID12A) or City of Pasco datum.