Riverfront Connectors, The Dalles, Oregon

KPFF Consulting Engineers for the City of The Dalles

The Riverfront Connector project will reconnect the community to the river, and all of the resources along the river including the Lewis and Clark Rock Fort camp site. It will also provide a vital business link from the waterfront to the downtown central business district. The project proposes to link the downtown with the river’s edge via two access tunnels under the freeway, one for pedestrians only at Washington Street and another for both pedestrians and vehicles at Union Street. The Washington Street Connector includes new street
construction along West First Street and from the railroad tracks on Union Street under the freeway. The West First Street design includes a new ADA-accessible pedestrian crossing, under the railroad tracks and sidewalk. The Union Street Underpass is already completed. White Shield’s initial survey efforts included coordination with City, KPFF, ODOT, and UPRR staff regarding schedule and access requirements; research with the Wasco County Surveyors Office for existing plats and surveys of record in the project area of First Street between Union Street and Federal Street; review the City 2003 aerial survey and DTM for use as the base mapping for the areas north of First Street to Columbia River Pool line including I-84; research for existing city survey control/projects in the area; and City of Public Works as-built surveys of utilities. The field survey effort included a utility survey location of all visible signs of utilities, utility location service markings, and information provided by City Public Works. Utilities with access such as manholes, catch basins, were noted for invert depth, pipe sizes, and flow direction. A ground based topographic map was completed of the ROW areas in the vicinity of First Street from Union to Federal Street, and including Court/Washington/Federal side streets for a distance of 250 feet. Additionally, the Right of Way of First Street was retraced. Title reports of the owners fronting First Street were obtained for determination of correct ROW width and potential easements, and will be used for future acquisitions. Final map preparation was to the City CADD standards in AutoCAD format, with the supporting LDD DTM folder.

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