Renton Airport Runway 15/33, Renton, WA

ICON Materials for the City of Renton

White Shield was selected as a subconsultant to provide survey services in support of this $4.3 million runway repaving project. Over the last 20 years, the runway surface has deteriorated from the heavyweight 737s that make their maiden voyage from the Boeing Renton production plant and from the thousands of smaller aircraft that take off and land there each year. The project consisted of grinding and replacing 33,000 tons of asphalt over 4200 feet of the 5380 foot runway. In addition to the paving, damaged concrete panels were repaired, panel joint material was replaced at the south end of the runway, edge drains were installed to carry away rain water, and grooves were cut perpendicular to the runway to improve aircraft braking in wet conditions. The majority of the runway work was completed in nine days. White Shield mobilized four survey crews who worked around the clock in 12 hour shifts to meet this critical schedule and ensure that the runway was ready to reopen on time. White Shield verified the existing survey control, established grades for the milling of the existing pavement, surface courses and final lifts of the new paving, provided alignment and grades for approximately 7000 feet of new drainage pipe and structures, and alignments for both the temporary and permanent striping on the rehabilitated runway. The runway repaving was finished a day ahead of schedule allowing Boeing to begin sending off a backlog of Renton-built 737s for final production. White Shield also developed a final paving report which documented the as-built condition of the runway. Renton Mayor Denis Law said “Our staff and the contractors have done an outstanding job improving our runway and adding immeasurable value to our airport while saving taxpayer dollars in the process,”

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