Power Control Center Survey, Seattle, WA

Seattle City Light

White Shield provided topographic and boundary survey services for the former Power Control Center located at 157 Roy Street, Seattle, WA.  A legal description was provided conforming to the record title boundaries.  WSI noted the identity and width of adjoin streets, alleys and highways, and width and type of pavement.  Street monuments were identified and distance shown to the nearest intersection. Drawings showed encroachments, recorded, or otherwise known easements and rights-of-way, and identified owners, and owners of adjacent properties.  The topographic survey located all structures, curbs, curb cuts, slabs, ramps, fences, and similar above-ground features.  The locations of structures on the property were plotted, and dimensions to property lines and other buildings.  Utility information was shown based on record information and on surface evidence. Contours were at (1) foot intervals, and mapping scale was 1”= 20’.  Deliverables included electronic AutoCAD drawings.

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