Miller Ranch Wind Farm, Bickleton, WA


Northwest Wind Partners for enXco

White Shield managed the aerial mapping services and provided ground control for this proposed wind farm development covering 19 sections in the Wood Gulch/Big Horn Canyon area south of Bickleton, WA. White Shield surveyors set 18 aerial panels using static GPS, and mapping was developed at 2-foot contour intervals (1”=100’) to support the ALTA survey and final engineering designs. A Record of Survey was provided showing the exterior project boundaries with a 100-foot buffer, and PLSS corner ties.

GPS Survey, Inc., and David C. Smith & Associates supplied the aerial flight and photogrammetric services to White Shield for this project. Color film was scanned on a Wehrli RM-6 roll feed photogrammetric scanner. The orthophoto imagery was rectified to an ASPRS Class 1 2-foot contour accuracy Digital Terrain Model (DTM), and the DTM was stereo digitized from the aerial photo flight. Orthophoto imagery was auto-mosaiced using KLT Atlas, and then manually reviewed and edited at all mosaic lines.