Mill Creek at Potter’s Pond Stream Restoration Design, Warm Springs, OR

Geo Engineers for the Confederated tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation

White Shield provided survey services in support of this stream restoration project on the Warm Springs Reservation, OR.  Surveyors established ground control for aerial photogrammetry by setting six aerial panels, and established permanent site control for subsequent use by the CTWSR during construction management and future ecological monitoring.  Ground survey was comprised of a topographic/bathymetric map of the stream channel and immediately adjacent floodplain area.  Details included edge of water, thalweg profile (deepest points), riffle crest control points, pools, and other distinctive features using local low and high points with breaklines such that the resulting 1-ft contour maps accurately represented the bathymetry and topography of the stream channel.  Also included were the location and spot elevations of on the floodplain associated with features flagged by the GeoEngineers field team, including wetlands and invert elevations of side channels and floodplain berms.  Channel cross-sections were obtained on the upstream and downstream faces of the B-100 Road Bridge sufficient to document the elevations of all bridge features, along with the channel and abutment geometry at the bridge face.  Thirty additional cross-sections were obtained over an approximate 1 ½ mile stretch of the stream, both upstream and downstream from the bridge.  Deliverables included AutoCAD maps, and an AutoCAD drawing file with bridge cross-sections and thalweg profile plotted as 3D polylines.