Lynnwood High School

Cornerstone General Contractors for the Edmonds School District

White Shield provided Cornerstone General Contractors with construction staking and survey services at the New Lynnwood High School located in the Edmonds School District. The High School is located on a 40-acre site off of North Road in Lynnwood, WA. The new two-story, fully accessible school is a 214,000 square foot facility, and will accommodate 1600 students and 100 staff members. The construction included a 450-stall parking lot and a separate bus entry/exit area. The school also included a 350-seat Performance Theater, artificial turf soccer and softball field, football field with a running track, baseball fields, tennis courts, and a field house with concessions. WSI verified the property corners and compared field locations to the existing plat of survey, and provided Cornerstone with three benchmarks to facilitate vertical checks. The firm also set temporary erosion and sediment control (TESC) facilities by staking clearing limits at 50-foot intervals, and also includes staking the detention ponds, silt fences, and bioswales. WSI provided staking for mass grading for features such as parking lots, building envelopes, and site slopes to get the subgrade. Storm, sewer, water utilities were staked, as well as curbs and sidewalks throughout the project, at 50’ intervals to finish grade. Additionally, WSI was responsible for staking the center of light poles and corner of vaults. Following the development of the foundation, WSI established basic grid control for the project.