Lewis Street Overpass & Lewis and Clark Street One Way Couplet Projects


White Shield utilized High Definition Scanning (HDS) Surveys to support the design of a new overpass over the BNSF rail yard from Oregon Avenue to 1stAvenue. The BNSF rail yard consists of 11 tracks where Lewis Street passes below these tracks though a concrete lined tunnel. The Lewis Street Overpass will replace the current Lewis Street Underpass built in 1937. The use of HDS enabled us to collect survey of the rail yard without needing to be on BNSF right of way, and we saved the city money by not having to need traffic control for the field surveying.

White Shield continued utilizing high definition scanning onto both Lewis and Clark Streets using a Leica C10 for data collection of all topographic features for this downtown corridor for Lewis and Clark streets between 2nd Avenue to 10th Avenue. Mapping included all above ground features and utilities within the right-of-way, from back of sidewalk to the back of sidewalk or building face. This will include 25’ past the curb return on the side streets.

We located primary building corners, overhead power lines, ornamental trees, sidewalk, curb, pavement striping, signage, and mapping sufficient to provide 1’ contours. A one-call locate request was made for underground utilities, and all paint marks provided by the utility locators were found in the scan data.

Additionally, the avenues connecting Lewis and Clark between 10th and 2nd Ave were surveyed and included in the final deliverables. The survey included above ground features up to the back of sidewalk or building, and including 10’ into each alleyway from building to building. The final deliverables include a complete basemap in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 format, 24͟x36͟signed and sealed sheets at not to exceed 1͟=40’ in APWA layers and symbol format .