Kenyon Zero Storage Geotechnical and Surveying, Pasco, WA;


Kenyon Zero Storage planned a new freezer storage project on Port of Pasco land on Industrial Way, Pasco Processing Center. The freezer measures approximately 250,000 square feet on 16.6 acres of land. WSI’s role in the project consisted of topographic surveys and geotechnical/soils engineering for initial site planning purposes. Although not the largest of Kenyon Zero Storages, this facility utilizes newer technology than the other facilities including a fully LED lighting system, as well as increased R-value walls and roof, in addition to a new flooring system. The entire floor is three feet thick, the bottom layer being six inches of sand with a glycol system consisting of flexible tubing spaced every 18 inches across the entire floor in the three football-field size rooms. That’s topped with a vapor barrier, six inches of insulation, 15 inches of ballast rock, three inches of finely crushed rock and finally, six inches of concrete. This way, if there is a power loss, as long as the door to the facility remains shut, the whole football-field-sized room will remain cold for several days, until power can be restored.