Harbour Pointe Boulevard S.W. Widening Project


Harbour Pointe Blvd SW is federally classified as an urban collector in the City of Mukilteo and consists of five lanes at the intersection of SR 525, and narrows to four lanes at the intersection of Cyrus Way. The main purpose of this project is to build safety improvements to mitigate accidents along this section of Harbour Pointe Blvd SW. Another goal of this project is to create a continuous pedestrian and bike facility on the south side of Harbour Pointe Blvd SW that will connect to existing pedestrian, bike and transit facilities on SR 525. White Shield is providing topographic surveys, boundary research, and CADD base mapping for roadway widening and signalization improvements. Our scope of work require a detailed topographic survey and boundary basemap with one-foot contours; topographic data collection specific to roadways, critical areas, soil test sites, monitoring points, aerial and underground utilities, retaining walls, drainage, and all other existing natural and man-made site feature; collect as-built data for existing utilities from the City and utility purveyors and incorporate into base-mapping; development of rights-of-ways, easements and private property lines; and preparation of legal descriptions for exhibits to document temporary and permanent easements.