Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, MT

Nine task orders to date have ranged from 1,500 feet to 16.6
miles in length. Over 44 miles of roadway have been mapped for asphalt overlay, slope reduction, reconstruction ofhistoric masonry rock wall details (individual crenels), and campground and drainage improvements. White Shield also densified the National Parks 1993 GPS Network with Static GPS at approximate 1-2 mile intervals. Conventional total station traverse meeting FHWA Second Order Class II accuracy was made between the GPS control points. Digital differential levels have been run the full length. Specialty detail surveys have been completed at the Quarter Circle Bridge near West Glacier, the West Tunnel Side Viewing Portals, and East Portal masonry wall slide concerns. GPS Airborne controlled aerial photography was collected on 10 miles of roadway, and was later ground mapped to gather culvert, signage and other improvements obscure to the aerial work.

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