Glacier Peak High School

Lydig Construction for Snohomish School District

White Shield supported Lydig Construction with the building of a new 245,000 square foot high school for the Snohomish School District. This new high school featured a new performing arts center and an artificial turf football field with a project cost of $60 million. WSI verified the property corners, and established a network of control points in order to execute the survey tasks efficiently. WSI provided staking for the location and elevation of the building pad and parking areas for mass grading. Storm, sanitary structures, water lines, light poles, electrical vaults, valves, manholes, and hydrants were also staked. Retaining walls were staked at 50 foot intervals, and 200 points were set for the installation of the sidewalks. WSI established the perimeter curb, fencing, and home plate of the baseball fields, and also provided soccer field and track layouts.