Floor Flatness Application Chief Sealth High School, Seattle, Washington

White Shield provided a verification survey to report elevation deviations of a new gymnasium floor. A high definition laser scanner was used to measure the newly constructed concrete sub floor in the newly constructed gymnasium. Elevations on the slab were measured to a tolerance of 0.005′. The client was provided with a report detailing the measurements reported to the nearest 0.01′ on 10′ grid spacing.

The image to the left is a view of the gymnasium scan raw data point cloud. Unnecessary background data and noise were removed from the scan and a surface model of the floor slab was processed as shown in the map below.


The image to the right is a color coded elevation map¬†showing deviations of .005′ with the 10′ x 10′¬†grid overlaid. Beginning at an elevation of 291.72′, the lowest elevations are shown in red and the highest in green. The image is oriented with the Northerly direction toward the top.

Spot elevations were extracted from the scan data and presented in the 2D drawing format shown to the right.

Laser scanning provided our client with a cost effective solution to verify the flatness of the subfloor in preparation for the finished flooring.