Denny Middle School/Chief Sealth High School, Seattle, WA;

White Shield provided survey services in support of the innovative design and construction of this co-located school campus. Project improvements included the construction of sewer, water storm and gas site utilities, rain garden, curb gutter and sidewalks, tennis courts and building layout. In addition to the layout of site features, High Definition Laser Scan was utilized to provide verification of the concrete sub-floor in the new gymnasium. Elevations were measured to a tolerance of 0.005’ and reported on 10 foot grid spacing. The completed campus will provide new, separate outdoor student plazas for Chief Sealth High School and Denny International Middle School students. Modernization Chief Sealth High School’s is focused on abating life-safety issues, improving energy efficiency and comfort, revitalizing the school’s appearance inside and out, and creating a superior educational environment. The new Denny International Middle School encourages team learning, a clear and flexible pathway to high school, and provides the many benefits of a 21st century facility.