Charles J. Slatt Substation and Relay House Facility, Arlington, OR

Thompson Bros. Excavating, Inc. for Bonneville Power Administration

White Shield (WSI) provided surveying services for this 4-acre, 230 Kilovolt yard addition to BPA’s Slatt Substation which provides interconnection of electricity generated from the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Gilliam and Morrow Counties, OR to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System. The project was part of BPA’s plan to have up to 6,000-megawatts wind power by 2013. Construction began during the summer of 2009, and due to the importance of the project, it was fast-tracked to completion in just 12 weeks. WSI provided the construction layout of footings for all of the electrical structures and relay house, as well as the location of all underground utilities and site grading. WSI also worked directly with BPA surveyors in establishing and maintaining project survey control.