Canyon Creek Aerial Panels, Bunker Hill Complex, Wallace and Shoshone County, ID

CH2M Hill for the US EPA Region 10

The Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgical Superfund site is one of the largest and most complex abandoned hazardous waste sites in the nation. The Bunker Hill site currently includes three operable units. Operable Units 1 and 2 are located in the portion of the site known as the Bunker Hill “Box.” The Box area includes a former smelting facility that lies along I-90 in Northern Idaho’s Silver Valley. It encompasses the towns of Pinehurst, Smelterville, Wardner, and Kellogg, and the communities of Page, Ross Ranch, Elizabeth Park, and Montgomery Gulch. This part of the Superfund site covers approximately 21 square miles and affects about 5,000 people. The accompanying photo is an aerial photo looking southeast across the former Smelter Complex. All of the buildings associated with the facility have been demolished in an on-site landfill. In the foreground, next to Interstate 90, is the Central Impoundment Area, formerly used as a mine waste disposal site in the Silver Valley. In the background, the ripples on the hillsides are trees that have been planted as part of the hillsides revegetation program.

White Shield completed a task order for CH2M Hill as a subcontractor under the current EPA Region 10 AES Contract by setting and controlling 23 aerial panels using RTK GPS for mapping within the HECLA Pond 6 area of this EPA Superfund site. Deliverables included ASCII and Excel files with target IDs for import into ArcGIS. Other surveys performed under this task order have included surveying for 56 monitoring well locations, a three-mile profile of Canyon Creek, and five valley floodplain cross-sections.