Arcadia Point Boat Ramp Design, Shelton, WA

Cascade Design Professionals for the Squaxin Island Tribe

This economic development/preservation project provided for the design of needed expansion allowing
for greater use of tribal facilities at the Arcadia Point Boat Ramp. White Shield provided right-of-way
surveying, topographic mapping, subsurface utility locations, structure detailing and digital base
mapping for the design of a 32 ft. by 192 ft. tongue and groove concrete boat ramp to be constructed
over the existing ramp. WSI recovered local property survey monumentation to provide correlation to
record property lines based on historical records for the town of Arcadia, WA and Squaxin Island Tribal
Trust Lands in the establishment of the ordinary high tide and the extreme low tide lines along the
project corridor. The topographic survey included 700โ€™ of SE Lynch Road, 220โ€™of SE Arcadia Place, 450โ€™ of
SE Arcadia Point Road and approximately 150โ€™ of the existing boat ramp into Totten Inlet, and Blocks 10
and 13 of the Town of Arcadia Plat

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