61st Place West Wall Repair Project


White Shield is providing topographic surveys, boundary research, and CADD base mapping for the investigation of geological sliding that is impacted a retaining wall structure on 61st Place West. Our survey team utilized high definition scanning using a Leica C-10 scanner to accurately locate the retaining wall structure and slide area. Our scope of work require a detailed topographic survey and boundary basemap with one-foot contours; topographic data collection specific to roadways, critical areas, soil test sites, monitoring points, aerial and underground utilities, retaining walls, drainage, and all other existing natural and man-made site feature; establishment of 25-foot and 50-foot stationing along retaining wall structure for future control; installation of monitoring points along tops of piles for deformation monitoring; development of rights-of-ways, easements and private property lines; and preparation of legal descriptions for exhibits to document temporary and permanent easements.