2900 on First Avenue Apartments, Seattle, WA;

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White Shield supported CLE Engineering for the upgrade of the 2900 on First Avenue Apartments in downtown Seattle. White Shield conducted a 3-Dimensional, high-definition laser scanning survey of the entire exterior of the subject property. The project required scanning from busy down streets around the structure, on the plaza at the front entrance, and on multiple levels.

The high definition scanning captured all features on the building and in the plaza area, including but not limited to architectural features, balconies, railings, windows, vents, doors, concrete walls, planter boxes, trees, and shrubs. The scanning created a 3D point cloud from which dimensions and elevations sufficient to ascertain the location and size of all architectural features.

White Shield developed this 3-Dimensional model, developed from the aforementioned laser scanning point cloud, in AutoCAD ‘dwg’ file format. The model consisted of 3-dimensional line-work sufficient to depict the completed and processed survey information.

We than prepared As-Built Survey plans, in both Adobe ‘pdf’ and AutoCAD ‘dwg’ file formats, developed from scanning data, of the ‘face view’ of all building faces, and a ‘plan view’ sheet of the entire building and plaza area.Additional mapping required production of AutoCAD files of the city streetscape that conformed to the City of Seattle CAD standards.