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White Shield
provides value-driven solutions to a variety of engineering and construction projects in the natural and built environment throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Our geomatics professionals employ the most innovative tools and techniques available for use in land surveying, cadastral studies, precision layout, information modeling, High Definition Scanning (HDS), Global Positioning system (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services for mapping and analyzing a wide variety of spatial data.  Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment is instrumental for subsurface investigations requiring the location and mapping of underground utilities and other obstructions.  Additionally, White Shield supports projects involving hydrography, terrestrial remote sensing, image processing, and photogrammetry. 

High Definition Scanning (HDS), also known as 3D Laser Scanning offers the same deliverables as traditional surveying; however, it greatly enhances that information with heightened perspective and insight into a structure or area using digital imagery and geo-referenced point cloud data.  Our technicians employ the latest in computer software to process, model, refine, and deliver the immense amount of project data that we capture.  Our project managers exhibit a diverse experience in applying the appropriate leading-edge technology to meet a client’s project needs.  Read more about our geomatics services and projects here.

White Shield’s environmental professionals are experts in providing economical, efficient, and flexible means for managing hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and materials.  They have extensive experience in assessing, characterizing, packaging, manifesting, and managing universal waste streams, in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial settings.  Services have included sampling and analysis, management plans, design, abatement, indoor air quality sampling, clearance sampling, and remediation.  Read more about our environmental services and projects here.

White Shield is Native American-owned, a Small Disadvantaged Business, and is MBE/DBE certified in WA, OR, ID, and MT. For subcontracting plans, we meet the requirements in FAR 52.219-9.

Please download our comprehensive Statement of Qualifications using the menu link to the left, or contact any of our offices for more information.

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